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Bar / Bat Mitzvah’s

Bar / Bat Mitzvah’s The Synagogue experience is one of Lianne’s talents. The detail with the Torah, Bimah and Ark are key. Working with the Rabbi and Schul makes this intimate time very special. Usually a 2-day package with the party, Lianne will share your Simcha from start to finish.


Corporate/Events Whether you are organizing a large international conference, a small community get-together or any other corporate or social event, Lianne can provide quality photography that won’t break your public relations or publicity budget.


Weddings Lianne Cohen specializes in wedding photography and will help you create the perfect life memories from your most special event.


Portraits Lianne’s style is best described as natural and dynamic – this style produces portraits that are often quite engaging and different. Through portrait photography Lianne reveals your unique personality – whether an individual, couple, wedding, children or family portrait. Lianne’s clients frequently remark on how fun the portrait session was and are always impressed with the memories Lianne has created for them.